Strawberry Bank, Dundee, a photo-essay.

Posted: October 16, 2011 in photography
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One of the pleasures of my recent trips to the River Tay has been a stroll down the evocatively named Strawberry Bank, a narrow lane stretching down to Magdalen Green from the raised beach that is the Perth Road.

The lane is so narrow as to accommodate only one vehicle at a time and is about a quarter mile long, so is virtually free from traffic for most of the time.

Meeting another car on this lane would mean a long reverse for someone.

Strawberry Bank and Magdalen Green

Foot of Strawberry Bank at Magdalen Green

looking up Strawberry Bank

Strawberry Bank looking North

The lane is flanked on both sides by high walls which hide a number of smart properties with well kept gardens from public view and is a haven of peace and quiet in the busy city.
a hidden garden

Garden in Strawberry Bank

It is always a pleasure to walk down to the river using this route.
top of Stawberry Bank, Dundee

Perth Road from Strawberry Bank, Dundee

  1. Such a pretty place

  2. Cllr Fraser Macpherson says:

    Brian – excellent entry! As the local councillor for Strawberrybank, I’d like to highlight your article on my West End blog at as I’m sure local residents would be interested in reading it. I hope that is OK? Many thanks.

    • brian selway says:

      thanks for nice comment on Strawberrybank Fraser. by all means use it on your blog. like you I am trying to highlight the attractions of the west end. have a very merry Christmas.

      • Cllr Fraser Macpherson says:

        Many thanks Brian – I’ll put an item on my blog over the next few days. Have a lovely Christmas & New Year!

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